Automatic Text Recognition for GUI and Console Applications

Binary Valley, Inc announces the release of Screen Scraping Library, a screen grabber with automatic text recognition for Windows. The library allows software developers to integrate new projects with existing and legacy software by capturing text from all types of windows.

About Screen Scraping Library

Screen Scraping Library makes it possible to capture text from GUI and console windows, Web pages and graphical images, and even full-screen applications with fancy fonts. Screen Scraping Library does not rely on querying windows with messages. Instead, it uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technologies to capture text from images grabbed from the computer screen.

Applications written in C++, VB, .Net, C# and Java can access screen scraping and recognition functions of Screen Scraping Library via DLL or COM interfaces. Numerous samples in all of these languages are included with Screen Scraping Library to make learning the screen grabber easier for software developers. The text scraping library includes built-in support of popular applications such as Microsoft Office, various instant messengers, email clients and Internet browsers, and is easy to integrate with other products.

"Screen Scraping Library will help developers save time working on something that's been already done", says George Bridges, CEO. "Our library opens endless possibilities to everyone in business. Software automation, integration with legacy products and making the Internet accessible to the visually impaired by capturing text from multimedia-rich Web-sites are just a few things to mention that can be done with Screen Scraping Library", he adds.

Screen Scraping Library is used by corporate customers worldwide in order to integrate new systems with legacy software that does not provide accessible communication APIs. Querying windows for text is not always possible, especially for older console applications, full-screen programs or applications using graphics to form text messages. Supporting Unicode and various fonts, Screen Scraping Library can capture text from windows, buttons, lists and trees, console windows, and even pictures and icons thanks to the advanced OCR module employed.

Customers use Screen Scraping Library to integrate new products and create add-ons for existing terminal billing systems, hospital information systems, stock trading applications with charts and tickets, legacy databases and entertainment systems. The screen grabber is fully automated, and can be used in busy commercial environments to back non-stop operation of complex systems.

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